What Happens If You Use Scented Soap On a Tattoo?

What Happens If You Use Scented Soap On a Tattoo?

You’ve just gotten a new tattoo and you’re feeling excited! But as the days go by, you start to notice that your tattoo is looking a bit more faded than it did when you first got it. What’s going on? Chances are that you’re using fragrant soap on your tattoo, and it’s fading away more quickly than it should. We’ll go through what happens if you use fragrant soap on a tattoo, as well as how to prevent any harm.

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Tattoo and the soap you use on it

The type of soap you use on your tattoo matters. In fact, it can make a big difference in how your tattoo heals. If you’re using scented soap, there’s a good chance it could irritate your tattoo. That’s because fragrances are one of the most common causes of contact dermatitis, which is a form of skin inflammation. Contact dermatitis can cause the skin around your tattoo to become red, itchy, and dry. It can also lead to blistering and peeling. If you’re using fragrant soap on your tattoo, be sure to watch for these signs of irritation and stop using the soap if you notice them.

Tattoo and the soap you use on it

There are plenty of unscented soaps on the market that are specifically designed for use on tattoos. These soaps are gentle and won’t irritate your tattoo. If you’re not sure which soap to use, ask your artist or dermatologist for a recommendation.

Is it true that fragranced soap will harm a tattoo?

Scented soap might fade a tattoo since the fragrance in the soap can harm the ink. If you want your tattoo to endure a long time, avoid scented soaps and choose unscented ones instead.

When you first get a tattoo, it’s important to clean it regularly with unscented soap and lukewarm water. This helps to prevent infection and keeps the area clean. After the initial healing period, you can start using scented soap if you like. Just be sure to choose a mild, fragrance-free soap.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid using fragrant soaps or lotions on your tattoo altogether. Some people find that these products irritate their skin or cause allergic reactions. If you’re not sure whether you have sensitive skin, it’s best to err on the side of caution and stick to unscented products.

In general, it’s a good idea to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on your tattoo. This includes scented soaps, exfoliating scrubs, and other products that might irritate the area. If you’re not sure whether a product is safe to use on your tattoo, ask your artist or dermatologist for advice. [1]

What if you put scented soap on a tattoo?

Scented soap can cause a tattoo to fade. The scent in the soap can dissolve the ink in a tattoo, causing it to fade away over time. If you want your tattoo to last a long time, it’s best to avoid scented soap and opt for unscented products instead.

It’s important to rinse your tattoo with mild soap after washing it, especially if you’re using fragrant soap. You may also want to apply a light coat of unscented lotion over the tattoo to keep it moist and assist in its healing process.

What if you put scented soap on a tattoo?

Then, be sure to monitor the tattoo closely for any signs of irritation, swelling, or redness. If you notice any of these symptoms, discontinue use of the fragrant soap and consult a doctor or dermatologist. [2]

How soon can you use scented soaps after a tattoo?

If your tattoo is still healing, it’s important to avoid using fragrant soaps. Fragrant soaps can cause irritation and delay the healing process. Once your tattoo has fully healed, you can use any type of soap you like.

If you experience redness, swelling, or other discomfort after using a fragrant soap on your tattoo, stop using it and consult your tattoo artist or dermatologist.

Is it possible to use fragrant lotion on a recently healed tattoo?

The simple answer is yes; scented lotion may be used on a healed tattoo. In fact, it’s often recommended as a way to keep the tattoo looking its best.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using scented products on a tattoo. It’s important to note that not all scented products are created equal. First, make sure the product is non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Second, be aware that some essential oils can cause photosensitivity, so it’s best to avoid products with strong fragrances if you plan on spending time in the sun. Finally, always test a small area of the tattoo before applying anything over the entire design.

If you follow these simple guidelines, using scented products on your tattoo should be no problem. Just remember to keep an eye out for any adverse reactions, and you’ll be fine.

When can I use a fragrance-containing lotion on my tattoo?

One of the greatest things about tattooing is that it heals incredibly fast. You may apply scented lotion to your tattoo as soon as it has healed. Be sure to test the lotion on a small area first, to make sure you’re not allergic to it. Apply a light layer of lotion and let it soak in for a few minutes before putting clothes over it.

When can I use a fragrance-containing lotion on my tattoo?

If your tattoo starts to itch, using lotion can help relieve the itchiness. It’s important to not scratch your tattoo, as this can damage the ink or cause an infection. If the itching is severe, contact your tattoo artist or doctor.

What soap should I choose?

When deciding what soap to use, it is important that you consider the ingredients. Opt for a natural or organic product instead. You should also look for a soap that is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. These will be gentler on your skin and tattoo.

If you are unsure about what type of soap to use, ask your tattoo artist for recommendations. They will be able to advise you on the best products to use during the healing process.

While it is important to choose the right soap, it is also essential that you take care when washing your tattoo. Be sure to wash it gently with lukewarm water. Use lukewarm water to avoid damaging the tattoo.

It is also important to dry your tattoo after washing it. Do not rub it, as this can irritate the skin and cause scabbing.


What should I wash my new tattoo with?

You should use unscented, antibacterial soap to clean your new tattoo. You can use Dial, Cetaphil, or Neutrogena. Be sure to avoid scented soaps, as they can cause irritation.

Do not use scented soap, lotion, or perfume on your tattoo until it is fully healed. These products can cause irritation and delay healing. [3]

How often should I wash my tattoo?

For the first week, you should wash your tattoo at least twice a day. After that, you can reduce frequency to once a day.

Can I wash my tattoo with just water?

No, you should not wash your tattoo with just water first 3-5 weeks. Water will not clean the tattoo properly and can cause irritation. Use unscented soap and water to avoid irritating your tattoo. After washing the tattoo, carefully dry it with a clean towel. It’s important to use soap to remove any bacteria that could cause an infection.

What if I don’t have unscented soap for my tattoo?

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any unscented soap on hand, there are a few things you can do. You can try using glycerin soap, which is often used for sensitive skin. If that’s not available, look for a soap that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances. Finally, if all else fails, you can use baby shampoo to clean your tattoo. Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly afterwards.

In general, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to cleaning your tattoo. If you’re unsure about whether or not a product is safe to use, it’s always best to consult with your artist or dermatologist beforehand. Better safe than sorry!

How many days after a tattoo can you use scented soap?

It’s recommended that you wait at least two weeks before using scented soap on a new tattoo. This will give your tattoo time to heal and the scented soap won’t irritate the healing process. If you have an old tattoo, there’s no harm in using scented soap right away.

Scented soap can cause irritation for some people with sensitive skin. If you notice any redness, swelling, or itching after using scented soap on your tattoo, discontinue use and contact your doctor. Tattoo ink can also be susceptible to fading if exposed to strong chemicals like those found in some soaps. To avoid this, opt for a milder cleanser or fragrance-free soap.

If you want to use scented soap on your tattoo, it’s best to wait until the tattoo is fully healed. In the meanwhile, a milder cleanser can be used.

Can soap mess up a tattoo?

The short answer is yes. Soap can definitely mess up a tattoo, especially if it’s not properly taken care of. Tattoos are essentially open wounds, so using harsh chemicals or scented soaps on them can cause irritation, dryness, and even infection.

That being said, there are plenty of gentle soaps out there that won’t damage your tattoo. It’s important to do your research and find one that’s right for you. And of course, always make sure to follow aftercare instructions!

If you’re looking for a good soap to use on your tattoo, we recommend our Glycerin Soap Base. It’s free of fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your tattoo. Plus, it’s super gentle and hydrating, so it won’t dry out your skin. [4]

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So, can you use scented soap on a tattoo? The answer is yes – but with a few caveats. Scented soap can cause irritation and dryness, so it’s important to choose a product that is gentle and unscented. You should also avoid using scented soaps on new tattoos, as they can delay healing. If you do use scented soap on a tattoo, be sure to moisturize regularly to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Thanks for reading! We hope this article was helpful. Tattoos are a lifetime commitment – take care of them and they’ll take care of you!


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